About Me


My name is Jake Lemmer.  

I'm a photographer living in the East Bay Area in California. I like big oak trees, good coffee, and hoppy beer. I'm married to a spectacular human named Jill, who is the best.  We have two kids together, who are also the best (bias admitted). 

Ever since high school, photography has been a huge part of my life. While I've been a photographer, I've won dozens of awards for my landscape photography, worked tirelessly in professional darkrooms, done photojournalism for editorial publications, and have spent a decade as a professional editor for other wedding photographers. I'm proudly an industry professional.

I don't shoot a lot of weddings; only a few a year. That's mostly because photography is a part time job for me, but also because I really cherish the craft; my work is meaningful to me, and I truly count it as an honor to have this place in the biggest day of peoples' lives. To put it simply, I love photography and am thrilled any day that I am able to do it.

My Work

My personal work lands heavily in the fine art architecture and landscape realm.  The world is filled with wonder, but somewhere along the way that notion seems to begin to lose its luster.  I strive to communicate the wonder of the world in a way that reminds people, myself included, that the world is always fascinating.  Compositionally, I am drawn to leading lines, texture, and symmetry.  

This is the philosophy that I bring with me into my professional work.  Whether you're an engaged couple, a high school senior looking for portraits, or a family looking for family photos, I want to capture your experience in a way that communicates the emotions of the moment in a way that is visually compelling. Every couple has a distinct chemistry and vibe that no one else has.  It is my absolute joy to strive to capture this in a medium that is both timeless and and filled with wonder.